About us

Florence Cullem founded the Bethpage Tribune in 1963. She worked diligently to publish a newspaper that was a true reflection of the growing community that she served. In no time at all Florence immersed herself into all aspects of her town and in doing so she quickly became a well-respected and integral part of the community. Florence published the Bethpage Tribune for many years and grew along with Bethpage until she decided that it was time to pass the torch and move on to different endeavors.

Today the Tribune remains dedicated to the same goals as Florence adopted years ago. Publisher and life-long Bethpage resident, Linda Mangano, remains firmly dedicated to publishing a newspaper each week that mirrors the communities that the Tribune serves. Emphasis is strongly placed on highlighting the positive and the best our community has to offer. We are proud today to provide our faithful readers with a variety of information on important issues facing our town as well as events and activities for everyone to take part in. We love to "brag" about the accomplishments of our residents and we are eager to boast about our schools and all our residents (both the young and the young at heart). We are proud to be a part of our community and we remain dedicated to providing fair, honest and accurate reporting.

While many things have changed since Florence Cullem published that first issue of the Tribune many years ago, one thing remains the same. The Tribune was and always will be dedicated to our community and we are committed to provide our readers with a true and honest reflection of the place we all call home.

We are YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER and we are so very honored and privileged to be a part of this wonderful community.